'What an ingenious idea, no one sat around twiddling thumbs you either hooked a duck or hoopla'd or splat the rat ' - Lynda, Dorking

Our packages start from £700 and include: 


5 fete games, a personalised Wedding Fete sign, bunting and sweetie prizes. 


Many more games and customisations available.

We can tailor make your own fete package to include the games that you want and other personal touches to make your day exactly what you dream of. Below are a few examples of what we offer! 

For a full pricelist or to discuss options please contact us.

~   Fete GAMES   ~

Fete Game Hire

I'm a sucker for you....

Fete Game Hire

...Hook a Duck

Fete Game Hire


Fete Game Hire

...splat the rat

Fete Game Hire

...coconut shy

Fete Game Hire

BALL in a bucket...

These are just a selection

of games that are available...


other games include....

How many sweets in the jar, treasure map, tin can alley, skittles.



Group Games are a really fun way of bringing everyone together to participate in games that most adults probably haven't played since they were at school. Group Games are included in some of our packages or can be added as part of your own tailor made fete package! 

Wedding Fete Games

tug of war....

Wedding Fete Games
Wedding Fete Games

....sack races

plank races....

...other group games include

space hopper races, three legged races, egg & spoon race.


To keep things simple you can choose one of our standard fete packages but if you prefer, you can create your own fete by customising any of our packages to suit your day. We know how important it is to have personal touches on your wedding day and we can provide lots of personalisations to make your day truly yours. Below are just a few examples of some personal touches that can be added. For details of what is included in our packages and all options please contact us.

Wedding Fete

personalised sweetie bags...

Wedding Fete
Wedding Fete

...personalised hoopla

...personalised medals

personalised treasure map...

All of these will be designed and created especially for you and your wedding.

...many other personalisations available